• Cruise with Good Health: How to Stay Healthy on Your Next Cruise

    Cruise with Good Health: How to Stay Healthy on Your Next Cruise

    There’s no better way to see multiple places in one fell swoop than aboard a cruise ship. You can catch up on your cha-cha lessons, see a couple of shows, and relax by the pool with a few exotic shore excursion mixed in for good measure. So much more comfortable than cramped cars and plane cabins, right? You would think with all of the opportunities for fresh air and good food that staying fit and healthy on a cruise would be a piece of cake, but there are potential health concerns that might threaten to spoil your trip. Here are some good tips for staying healthy while you are traveling on the high seas.

    Get immunized

    Different parts of the world are subject to different diseases, so even if you are caught up on all of your childhood vaccines, it may be time for a booster shot. Some immunizations need to be given in multiple doses spaced out over weeks or even months, so check with your doctor or a healthcare clinic like Travel Vaccines and Wellness Solutions in advance to ensure that you are protected.

    Arrive at port a few days in advance

    It’s no secret that fatigue can compromise our immune systems. If you are traveling to a different time zone to board your cruise ship, try to arrive at port a day or two in advance so you can acclimate to the time change. Some tricks to help overcome jet lag include:

    • Not napping on your first day
    • Staying up until a reasonable bedtime
    • Spending lots of time outside
    • Choosing a medical remedy, like melatonin, to help your body adjust

    Wash your hands

    The absolute best way to avoid Norovirus or other illnesses on a cruise ship is to thoroughly wash your hands every chance you get. Also, avoid shaking hands by opting for a much healthier (and fun!) fist bump, and take advantage of the hand sanitizers that are strategically placed all over the ship.

    Pace yourself at the buffet

    Multi-course meals jam-packed with rich foods and lots of alcohol are kind of a cruise ship staple. It’s easy to overeat or drink too much, which can wreak havoc on your digestive system. By wisely choosing what you eat or drink on board, you can avoid feeling bloated or nauseous during your onshore excursions. Try limiting yourself to one buffet plate or eating a light lunch, stop eating when you’re full, and watch your alcohol intake.

    Drink lots of bottled water

    Staying hydrated is key, especially if you’re spending a lot of time in the sun. Bring a reusable water bottle with you on the ship and fill up whenever you can. When you’re off the boat, it’s best to drink bottled water since it’s not always safe to drink local water in some countries. This also extends to ice, fruit where you’d eat the skin, and uncooked vegetables, so it might be best just to bring your own snacks and drinks from the ship to be safe.

    Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and have a great time! For more information, contact our healthcare experts in Tucson today!