Employment and Pre-deployment Physical Exams

Many companies now require proof from potential employees of pre-employment exams. Based on requirement, these exams can range from basic checkups to more inclusive exams for high-risk jobs. Physicals before entering a workforce help to protect employees from job-related injuries, as well as protecting companies from potential work-related lawsuits due to injury.

Whether you are a future employee or hiring professional, it is imperative to be informed and healthy. Our experienced nursing staff and clinicians at Travel Vaccines and Wellness can administer physical exams rapidly and professionally.

Aside from the basic checkup, we will look into your:

  • Pupil dilation
  • Reflexes
  • Joint health
  • Range of motion
  • Heart health
  • Respiration

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With over three decades of combined experience corporate wellness, we will administer your checkup professionally and with care. To schedule your next physical with our dedicated staff of medical professionals, please reach out to one of our offices today.

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